Your art is super good

Oh, thank you! … You’re the first here on Tumblr who has ever said that..

# Bleach
They probably did use an action replay or ganeshark. Those things let you get any pokemone with any stats. Theres even a cheat that makes all pokemon you interact with shiny. But $9 is a great find!

I’m not sure, I haven’t heard about pokécheats before today.. - And personally, I would never use it, it looks a little lame..

As a massive Zelda fangirl what Link figure do you suppose I get first? Love your blog btw :)

I started out with Link on Epona, but I would say Figma or RAH Link.. Maybe the new ALBW’s figure? - The poseable part makes them a lot more fun.

You really did get lucky! Last time I got a used pokemon game the rivals name was jizzhead and the only pokemon of note was an Infernape.

My game got NO starter.. But it had an egg that turned out to be a Manaphy… - I think the rival is called Babe?

» My lucky buy

My mom was at a garage sale today, and found a game I have wished for for a long time, Pokémon Platinum!
Normally, I would be able to get it at GameStop, but really, I refuse to pay 54$ for a used game! - My mom got it for 9$.
As the little kid I am, I got overly excited, mostly because I adore Giratina (For being a ghost and Dragon type, which is my favorits) - However, I was also very interested in the past user of the game, had he deleted his save file?
No, he hadn’t, so I got curious.. 
This is what I found…

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